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Frontenac Family of Clubs welcomes you to Frontenac Racquet Club. We are the largest indoor club in St. Louis, featuring 20 pros, a free ball machine and programming from morning to night.

We'll have you on the court in no time, join the club HERE.

2020-2021 Brochures

2020-2021 Covid Protocols

Corley Ward has been given an award by the Missouri Valley, click HERE to view the article.

Clayton Shaw Park Summer 2020 Brochure

Highlands Summer 2020 Brochure

2020 St. Louis Tennis Hall of Fame and Doubles Classic

The 2020 St. Louis Tennis Hall of Fame Celebration and the Frontenac Doubles Classic will be will be held Friday, April 17 and Saturday, April 18 at Frontenac Racquet Club and will feature inductees Juan Farrow, Paul Tobin and Ralph Hart Jr.

Frontenac Family of Clubs

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The Frontenac Family of Clubs includes two of the finest indoor facilities in the area, as well as summer facilities in Clayton and Forest Park. From top-flight juniors to beginner moms, the latest in fashion and footwear to leagues and clinics, the Frontenac Family has you covered!

Frontenac Family of Clubs tennis coach, Terry Ward, demonstrates step by step drills to improve your on court ball control.

Lesson 2: Hitting against a wall

Lesson 3: Go for your shots

Lesson 4: Air Volleys

Lesson 5: Serves

Lesson 6: Serving with Kyle

Lesson 7: Drop Volleys with Kyle

Lesson 8: Backhand Slice with Clark

Lesson 9: Volleys with Ken Flach

Lesson 10: Footwork with Ken Flach

Lesson 11: Slice Serve with Chris

Lesson 12: Grips with Ed Collins

Lesson 13: Forehands with Ed Collins

Lesson 14: Backhands with Ed Collins

Lesson 15: Doubles with Ed Collins

Lesson 1: Ball Control

Terry Ward | Nov. 21, 2018

2020 St. Louis Tennis Hall Of Fame Celebration

It’s that time of year as we prepare for the Annual St. Louis Tennis Hall of Fame Celebration and the 11th Annual Frontenac Doubles Classic.

For more information or to RSVP, Please contact Maria Steinbach at or click here

2020 Tennis Teacher's Conference

Five of St. Louis’ highly experienced tennis pros and high school coaches share their expertise on running drills, organization, and coaching philosophy for junior, high school and collegiate tennis teams.

For more information or to RSVP, Please contact Brett Licata at or click here